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Ceremony Music Provided By Your DJ…

If your ceremony and reception are at the same location then we can provide this service to you within the time frame you book the service for. If the system needs to be moved from one location to another on the same premise, we do have a small additional charge for this. If you are interested in this service, but your ceremony is at a different location, or you would like additional microphones included, we can still provide this service to you for a very reasonable price, please contact us for details.

When The Bride And Groom Enter The Reception… (Grand Entrance)

Traditionally, the DJ would announce you in by your full, married name with your entire wedding party following immediately behind you. Today, in most cases, The Bride and Groom choose to have the entire wedding party introduced into the reception.  We will then announce each wedding party-couple individually into your reception with the Bride and Groom being introduced last. If you would like, you can also include Ushers, Flower Girls, Ring Bearer, Junior Bridesmaids, and Parents into the introductions.

Cut the Cake…

The cake cutting is often one of wedding photographers’ favorite images to capture. We make sure all announces are discussed with your photographer. Once you’ve cut the cake, the catering staff will take over and often bring it back into the kitchen to slice for the rest of your guests.

The Toast…

It is a good idea to get your champagne ready and poured about 15 minutes prior to being served.  It is etiquette for The Best Man to be first, followed by The Maid/Matron of Honor, and then anyone else.
If you are going to have a prayer before dinner this should always be last after any and all toasts.

The Bridal/First Dance…

We recommend that the First dance as husband and wife are done at the beginning of the night. Just after the Grand Entrance when all of your guests are present, ready with cameras & engaged. We have seen a better success rate when the bride and groom dance early in the night. We will accommodate any schedule just ask for details.

The Father/Daughter Dance…

This is where The Bride dances with her father to the song of their choice.
Occasionally, we have seen brides dance with their grandfather for this dance.

The Mother/Son Dance…

This is where The Groom dances with his mother to the song of their choice. In some cases, The Bride and Groom choose to combine The Father/Daughter Dance with The Mother/Son Dance and select an appropriate song. Another option would be to switch partners during The Parents Dance (if you have one) allowing The Groom to briefly dance with his mother.

The Throwing of The Bouquet And Garter…

The bouquet is thrown first to the single ladies. Second, the garter is removed from the leg of the bride, by the groom, and then thrown to the single gentlemen. As to when this should be done, there are 2 options; Some brides choose to do this immediately after the last special dance song so they can be done with all the formalities and then just enjoy their party. Also, this is the last of the formal pictures to be taken, so if you are on a tight time limit with your photographer, this might be a good option for you.

The Dollar Dance

This is usually done anywhere from 30-60 minutes after the general dancing has started. Your guests come up and dance with you and give you a dollar to do so. Your Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor will be your “collectors”. They will stand at the head of each line and collect the money for you. In addition, they need to keep the line moving, no more than 1 minute per person. Dollar dances are still somewhat popular, and as long as you can keep it within a reasonable time frame, the guests generally like them!


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